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 Rules and Regulations

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Player Rules

These rules apply to all versions

1. Do not impersonate a GM. If you are caught impersonating a GM, that character will be deleted and you will be banned.

2. Do not ask for items or penya/perin from GM's. Items that are not available in the shops can only be received from winning an event.

3. Do not ask GMs for powerlevels.

4. Do not ask GMs for awakes. Awakes from GM's can only be won through an event (Maybe).

5. Do not ask to be a GM. If you want to be a GM, post an application in the forum.

6. Do not ask GMs to host events. They will host an event at their own time.

7. Hacking of any sort will not be allowed. Users found hacking will be subject to Character Deletion, Account deletion, and/or IP ban depending on the level of hacking and the amount of hacking done.

8. No player shall harass another Player/GM. Harassment from a player can result in a 60 minute mute the first time. A second Harassment from a player can result in 120 Mintute mute and freeze (meaning you can't move) A third Harassment shall result in a 3 day ban. A fourth and final harassment, and your account will be banned.

9. Not really a rule, but communicate with other players in the server. Talk, laugh, and have fun. We don't bite =P

10. Do not ask for restoration. Anything lost during the rollback will not be restored. Everything are in the shops, so there'll be no restoration. Unless you're a donator.

Users found breaking these rules can be either muted,frozen, and kicked. After a certain amount of time the GMs decide, these will go away. If you continue breaking rules, then you may be permanently muted and frozen until I, 2bartz, decide what will happen. Screenshots and explainations will be sent to me, and I will decide if it is severe enough to result in Ip ban, Character deletion, Account deletion, or item deletion depending on the level of offence.
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Rules and Regulations
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