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PostSubject: [GUIDE] Flyff JOB CHANGE   Wed May 26, 2010 7:12 pm

Here are job changing GUIDE STEPS FOR EVERYONE ..
1st Job guides ^ ^V.

Mercenary Job change: you can view it by clicking here http://flyff-wiki.gpotato.com/index....nary_Job_Quest

Assist Job Change:Click here http://flyff-wiki.gpotato.com/index....sist_Job_Quest

Acrobat Job Change:Click Here http://flyff-wiki.gpotato.com/index....obat_Job_Quest

Magician Job Change:Click Here http://flyff-wiki.gpotato.com/index....cian_Job_Quest

2nd Job quest guides...
Mercenary 2nd Jobs
Blade Quest: http://flyff-wiki.gpotato.com/index.php/Blade_Job_Quest
Knight Quest: http://flyff-wiki.gpotato.com/index....ight_Job_Quest

Assist 2nd Jobs
Billposter Quest: http://flyff-wiki.gpotato.com/index....ster_Job_Quest
Ringmaster Quest: http://flyff-wiki.gpotato.com/index....ster_Job_Quest

Acrobat 2nd Jobs
Jester Quest: http://flyff-wiki.gpotato.com/index....ster_Job_Quest
Ranger Quest: http://flyff-wiki.gpotato.com/index....nger_Job_Quest

Magician 2nd Jobs
Psychiper Quest: http://flyff-wiki.gpotato.com/index....eper_Job_Quest
Elementor Quest: http://flyff-wiki.gpotato.com/index....ntor_Job_Quest

MASTER Quest= http://flyff-wiki.gpotato.com/index.php/Master_Quest

HERO Quest= http://flyff-wiki.gpotato.com/index.php/Hero_Quest

Hope i helped ^ ^V.. tongue
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